Friday, March 29, 2013

Unexpected challenge.

Before heading out to Haiti this past Spring break, I wrote about the probable challenges the chicken coop project would encounter. Sure enough, there were a few, but I didn’t expect the one that is really blocking progress in establishing the business.

While there, Marco, Maud’s trusted colleague and driver took me to the best places to purchase chickens. We opted for the store with the largest inventory of chicken related material, ordered and paid for the 50 chicks and 25 hens. The chicks did materialize and are doing well under the watchful care of Edouardson, one of the older boys of the Foyer. The hens? Well, that is another story: apparently they are harder to come by, the shop keeper didn’t tell us that and they are still not available, won’t be for another six weeks!!!!!
So it isn’t enough to have plans, to build the coop, to even have the funds (thanks to my generous friends and the Loyola community)….hens that lay eggs, the source of potential income, are hard to get!

They are growing wings

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