Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Spring break solidarity in action

Super popular English class
Thanks to Association Terre des Montagnes, 12 volunteers enjoyed new, airy, comfortable rooms and a bathroom reserved for their use. Five of the older boys at the Foyer climbed up the roof, scaffolding and barrels in order to paint the exterior walls; they even gave a fresh coat to the main building. The last touches, interior paint and electricity will be installed in the next few weeks.

The four volunteers -- Dr. Heidi Brown, Dr. Melanie Giraud, Dr. John Hebb and myself -- from Rendez-vous: Haiti (RVH) brought in crucial funding. They also taught English and computer literacy classes, organized bracelet-making sessions, and organized competitions in French essay-writing, coloring, drawing, painting and kite-making. They rewarded top students in each grade, as well as those who exhibited the most responsible behaviors when caring for smaller children, the water, garden, goats, and chickens. In addition, they rewarded those who most helped Tatie Jo, the ever-loving and vigilant caregiver to all.
Dr Melanie Giraud teaching computer literacy
Dr Heidi Brown and
constant companion Wawa
Unmistakable Dr John Hebb enjoying the water,
even more than the kids
Douby' s kite entry in
the competition

Thanks to the efforts of Mike and Danny, Class of 2015 at Loyola University Maryland, RVH purchased a “mamba” making machine and the Foyer produced its first peanut butter under the intrigued eyes of many curious children. This will allow peanut butter to be part of the regular diet and eventually will create a small revenue. 
Emma and little friends
enjoying cookies at the beach
12 year old, Marassa's Field work

Samuel's Day at the beach
Michelene gets peanuts ready

Here is some others photos:

New mamba machine
First jar of  delicious " mamba" 
 Talented Douby's entry
 in the competition
6 year old, Kervens Mesidor proudly displays his math