Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring break volunteering in Haiti

What a great group of students and workers Gannon University blessed us with during their Spring break!  Thanks to International Samaritan, and Andrew,  seven students,  their  campus Director for Social Justice, Arlene M. and the President of Gannon University Dr. K. Taylor did an amazing amount of work. Keeping up with the Haitian crew in the heat, they painted the long professional building, the bathroom block and  reinforced the concrete roof in the back of the main building. Great job!  

Ray and the crew were also able to hook up the water cistern to the plumbing so that we now have showers ! A big treat .    

Special thanks also for the efforts to fundraise and bring medical supplies, four sewing machines and four computers for the mini-lab at the Foyer.  You are a wonderful group of caring individuals and Relief Team One warmly thanks you for your support of our project.  The children are one step closer to living in a better environment thanks to your help.