Thursday, February 28, 2013

Eggs for Haiti

Eggs…Easter…Spring …life renewed… hope……..and I am grateful… grateful to all the wonderful people that have so generously given their skills or money to make that hope come alive. Friends far and near, the Loyola University Maryland community, from students to faculty, administrator and staff across the whole campus have helped raised the funds needed to build a chicken coop in Haiti. Truly a wonderful accomplishment.
That was the first challenge!
Packed, ready to head out, it is now the start of the second challenge! But I have an edge: I know that challenges will be at the rendez-vous! Are we going to find the cement we need? Will the gravel and sand be delivered today or the next? And what if the generator breaks down again and we can’t use the pump to pull water from the well? How are the men going to be able to mix the cement for the foundation? Will enough 2x 4 be available when we need them? And the right wire fencing?  And what about the hens… when will the ministry of agriculture have the 100 vaccinated hens we are seeking to buy?  That will be just part of it.  After I return to the States, the journey for my friends in Haiti will continue. When will we know that the bargain is paying off, that indeed this is an income generating enterprise?  In theory there should be no losses… if the eggs don’t sell there are at least 96 kids that can eat them but… to make a profit…to gain self-reliance… how long will it take?
It is almost Spring in the US, I saw a crocus in bloom today on my walk and so I have faith. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Rendez-vous: Haiti is a new club at Loyola University Maryland

RENDEZ-VOUS;HAITI is now officially a club at Loyola University Maryland!

Thanks to the invitation for me to speak in Dr Peter Lorenzi’s Social Entrepreneurship classes, socially conscious bright energetic Seniors are volunteering to help the project in Haiti.

My new intern Rodrigo  Cordon Villa de Leon is working hard to make RVH a 501 c ( 3) organization and helping with the campaign to raise funds to build a chicken coop during Spring break.  Kendall Ryan, Nestor Cardona of the Enactus group, John Lenart, Raquel Luciw and Justin Lu are all on board contributing their skills to make things happen.

Amazing talents are revealed to me as, for example, Kendall is showing not only computer programs mastery but social-media savvy and Nestor net-works and secures a venue to sell the bracelets produced by the children of the Foyer NDL: those Zanmi solidarity bands are going to be the hottest item on campus if he has his way! These are two examples about how students on campus are effective in supporting overseas operations.  I am really excited to see which other creative ways the students will find to be involved.