Saturday, January 3, 2015

"Come meet our children". Volunteers are like loving relatives that come for the holidays.

“What can I do?” That’s how Tracy would start her days during her volunteer week in Haiti. At 6: 30 am, it was play soccer with the boys before the sun got too hot, a little later it was help the younger ones get dressed after their morning showers…. the day went on with that question:"what can I do?"and Tracy did whatever she could without speaking a word of creole or French but simply by being willing to watch for opportunities to get involved.
Overthe course of the past three and a half years of my volunteer involvement in Haiti, I can attest that we, volunteers of all nations, do a lot and that it has made the lives of at least ninety six children much more comfortable and stimulating.

The Foyer Notre Dame de Lourdes, has seen at least 21 volunteers in 2014 from Canada, France and the US for stays lasting 3 days to 3 months:

  •   They fund raise to enable construction and capacity building, 
  •   They bring clothes, sports equipment, medicine, toys, school supplies, craft-making items and construction tools or technology.
  •   They build, repair, teach, support learning, stimulate original creations, start a vegetable garden, make soccer goals, read and play with the children.
  •   They participate in the life of the Foyer and care for the children.

When they leave, they have contributed as loving relatives do to the growth and development of the child they have touched.

Effective on going activities are possible because the Director of the Foyer, Maud Laurent communicates what the needs are and the continued dialogue with her partners overseas brings a new level of care for her children. Come meet them!