Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Rendez-vous in 2015

Thanks to friends and volunteers in 2015:

A pickup truck was donated and transported to the Foyer

We paid salaries, repairs, tuition, helped set up 2 micro-enterprises, and brought medication (in particular for Maud Semelfort, the cook who is fighting breast cancer)

We purchased a peanut butter making machine to help start the production of peanut butter.

We completed the volunteer housing and installed solar panels, thanks to a major donation from Association Terre des Montagnes. 

At least 50 volunteers have already enjoyed the facility and been a resource for the Foyer bringing skills, knowledge, donations, and love. 

We taught: computer literacy , English , patchwork & Entrepreneurship.

We brought: shoes, clothes, toiletries & crafts supplies.

We took all the children to the beach, organized puzzle, kite making, drawing, & painting competitions & rewarded school achievements

We  have helped support the studies of Bully Sanon in Engineering for the past 3 years & he graduated this December.

Instructing computer skills
while keeping baby Samuel happy 

English class
Bully Sanon receives his degree in Engineering

In 2016...

We will be looking for sponsors for 10 students, work on micro-enterprises, fundraise to purchase a "taptap" ( that will generate income and facilitate transportation) & develop a restaurant/take-out counter to foster jobs and revenue.