Friday, March 8, 2013

Spring break in Haiti.

Essay writing competition in  the  evening. 30  participants

Spring break in Haiti.The chicken coop is built and Edouardson, 17 years old orphan, living at the Foyer, clever with hands on project, has built a make shift incubator for the 50 chicks ( 3 days old) arriving tomorrow.  The 25 laying hens will go directly in the large coop, and Maud has promised me pictures as soon as she can.

I am back in the US, a little disappointed not to have seen the chickens settled in their new coop, but getting ready to go back to class on Monday. I can’t wait!  I have with me 30 essays written by the teen-agers of the Foyer about their lives. The penman ship and care they took to write those will reveal the pride they had in being able to share something with friends in the Loyola community and it is in French!! A great exercise for my students J

Four boys excel at making Zanmi bands, those solidarity bracelets that Rendez-vous:Haiti club and Enactus will market and sell at Loyola to support educational projects at the Village Notre Dame de Lourdes. I brought back a limited supply, and we will test their success. The card making competition bears fruits and a few boys show real talent; Samuel, Angelo, but also Fedner, Jude and Gary. Raphaella designed unique looking flowers.  Those cards will be available at tables outside the cafeteria and the stadium at Loyola University Maryland on set dates.

Other good news: Food for the Poor is breaking ground and started building the dorms! Target finish date; end of April! It seems amazingly short, but they have a team of 50 workers and …the money!

Next?  Looking to finish the construction of the vocational center. Vocational training, I am convinced is the way to give many young people a future, higher education is not for everyone and doesn’t necessarily lead to jobs in the Haitian economy.  We have the foundation and are looking for $ 50, 000 to finish. That is 10 donors at $ 5,000 each, am I doing the math right?  It seems doable, doesn’t it? If you, who are reading this, have any lead, please contact: J mesi

Evening of gimp bracelet making
Djouna plays at being little Mom to Odeline
Adina ( 16 on March 18) wanted a picture with Madame Catherine 
Fedner ( 12) practices drawing.

Mano ( 14) loves to make gimp bracelets and sell them to his friends, also good at making Zanmi bands.

No hand wahing , no meal, it works!

Marie- Andre applying herself to write for the essay contest.

Jude and Andelo making Zanmi bands.
Magadala, polio victim might  get an operation to walk better.
Wondlet always happy, older brother of 3 sisters,
lost their mom last december. He is doing well now.

Let's spell L O Y O L A  ....  ok one more letter!

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