Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tuesday at FNDL

Cool today .....in the 80s and overcast ( it even rained for 10 mn last night) dogs have settled down... crows still noisy.. street vendors calling out their ware...children's spoons busily scraping their breakfast bowls..Jo giving quiet directions to one and all..dogs back at it...their barks can cover all other noises...
Today's challenge..to get the guys to finish the coop........they need to install the wire mesh and as of last night I don't think they had a clear idea of how to do it...and no material for it.
Last night was the essay writing competition. More than 25 highschoolers were surrounding the 2 long tables in the only lit space of the Foyer, some on the floor using their knees for support. Maud was mercilessly asking for immaculate penmenship and neatness. It has been so interesting to read what the children have written about their lives at the Foyer. Most seem to be content, well adjusted and grateful, one has disturbingly revealed he feels trapped and can't wait to leave. I believe it is the young boy who already ran away for a few weeks but then decided it was still easier to live within the rules of a Home than in the street.
So far I have rewarded the production of Zanmi bands, card drawings and we have paid the older boys when they were being trained and participated in aspects of the construction. It occurred to me that academic pursuits should also be rewarded, some of the children want to become doctors or engineers and Maud is pushing them to excell in school. Not easy..many of them are really behind for their age. Before living here , they had no formal regular education and they struggle to catch up. French is their second language but essential to their highschool education and for college.
It is 7 am and I have already enjoyed excellent coffee, and tasty toast with "mamba piquant", a spicy homemade peanut butter..am ready for this new day.,

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