Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday in Haiti

To impatient me, progress is slow.. but if I stop and consider , it is a large coop and I also realize that hand sawing takes probably about three times longer to accomplish what an electric saw could do. No electricity today at the construction site: not that we are not connected to the city circuits ( from two zones) it is simply not available. Why? It is Sunday? No idea, no reason, it just is. The generator? It doesn't work any more, (got to wait for the technician to come fix it, some time.. soon...).. the other one was stolen , so hand sawing it is.  Icee and Bellegarde are the two men that sacrificed their Sunday plans to help make it happen. "Just because it is you and Madame Maud" .
This being said; the frame is up, rafters are being laid out and tomorrow hopefully the roof will be up. Maud and I are talking marketing strategies. Since the vaccinated laying hens chicks are not available, she will start producing chickens for meat: 6 weeks to maximum growth. One the older boys ( 20 year old Edwardson is being introduced to the business and will be trained to manage it, he will get help from the watchman to insure safety and care.
Tomorrow we hunt for chickens.

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