Monday, April 1, 2013

Where there is hope.

Some of the men ,trained by Ray and RT1 ,who have worked off and on (when the funds are there) to build the three now finished buildings, came to understand that they needed to develop other sources of income.
We encouraged them to think about starting their own businesses and Louis Jackson has; his purified water shop is looking well , he has started repaying his loan and his wife is the proud manager while he pursues his other job as a tailor. He had asked me for wedding clothes catalogues to be able to produce more contemporary dresses that would boost his production.

Others have also started thinking along those lines: Andy has developed his knowledge of computers and started a computer “ fix it” business and wants to expand to sell software and accessories. We exchange emails about how to develop his business and expand his customer base.

Gilbert, after we sat down to do the math, gave up his idea to purchase large quantities of water bottle caps from the Dominican Republic and retailing 25 cents caps from his cell phone. We are now discussing a car washing business. He is researching location and tools, and today he emailed that he has found the perfect location. He is negotiating with the property owner.. Little by little…

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