Monday, May 12, 2014

What two people can do in a week!

·        Meg Young and Andrew Robinson just came back from a week at the Foyer Notre Dame de Lourdes and in that one week:
-        They built 4 square foot gardens:, 48 plots and assigned each to a child. This is a major accomplishment which will provide vegetables and also basic knowledge about gardening.
-        Taught lessons on caring for the plants and on composting
-        Cleared and traced the perimeter of soccer field and built goals
-        Bought trash bins and had a cleanup day
-        Set up a barrel for compost and explained the process
-        Bought gardening tools
-        Traced a parking lot inside the compound that will allow grass to grow in other parts.
-        Andrew donated a new TV  to the delight of all and he pledged to finance a new main gate that will secure the premise.


Meg:  “Friday I did an hour long session on gardening with all the kids....I switched back to teacher mode and had them all in line! We talked about compost too and I was there to make sure they stuck to the plan through the weekend. Friday we also went back to MSC and got trash cans, I even drove us there! Saturday was a cleanup day, we filled four buckets full of nails, pieces of tin, glass, and wires- there was a lot of hazardous debris!  hopefully they'll start using the trash cans so that doesn't happen again. Sunday I went to mass, saw S Benoite, and said my goodbyes. Of course I got to play plenty of soccer and do some yoga with the girls over the weekend too. I just posted all the pictures on fbook. It really was a great trip, I enjoyed Andy's company and being more familiar with the foyer the second time around.”

Soccer field 

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