Friday, July 8, 2011

Creative Haitian boy

Ricarlens started talking to me across the fence: very shyly he came every day for about a week . Then one day he asked me for a piece of cardboard that was lying around. An hour later, he came back with a little house that he had made.  The next day, I brought him another cardboard box and he asked for my pocket knife. A couple of hours later he came back with my knife AND a beautiful two room house, with a door , window and a portico, all made of cardboard, twigs and wiring from an old broken radio. He also brought me drawings and when I asked if he had learned how to do this in school he said no. My pencil brought a huge smile on his face and when he lost it down a pit; his face expressed the deepest distress. His dream? A knife… so he can have a different tool to work with than the razor blade he currently uses.

1 comment:

  1. Madame, I wish I could send a knife, but I think it would get lost in the mail! And we know that I can't transport them through airport security... That sounds like one talented boy!