Monday, May 2, 2011


He was so malnourished when he was brought to Maud’s orphanage at his mother’s death that he looked like he was 4 or 6 months old …… yet he had all his teeth!  His gums were blood shot and he was emaciated.  He didn’t have the strength to even sit up and all he did was cry.  Maud said she couldn’t, she wouldn’t keep him. The doctor Maud consulted at the hospital the following morning diagnosed severe malnutrition and told her the baby would die within 24 hours.  Amidst all the discussions concerning his life, somehow , this baby, this little boy,  in the middle of his crying found the words he needed to say and to the utter amazement of all, they heard “Mwen grangou” “ I am hungry”…so they fed him …monitored his intake and brought him back …..No one knows exactly how old he is, and his growth is thwarted by severely bowed legs but Kervin is here to stay and he has won Maud’s heart.
Minutes before the earthquake that dreadful January 12  he had come looking for “mamy Maud” wanting a hug. She had just picked him up when the first tremor sent them both to the floor….the next tremor got her with the little boy still in her arms, back on her feet.  From then on it was total mayhem;  somehow she yelled to all the children to get out of the house….none died and none were hurt in the rubbles. 
Now Kervin is solidly present and one of his joys is to help open the large front gate to the orphanage to let cars in:  “mwen kapab” “I can do it” he says with determination.  This same determination that helped him survive as a severely undernourished baby will certainly serve him well as he makes his way in life. 

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  1. What a beautiful story, thank you for sharing and thank God for the strength and determination of the little ones like this boy. Wonderful news!