Monday, March 7, 2011

Teaching in Haiti

I am finally teaching! And what fun it is ! the Haitians are so eager to learn , so curious about everything and happy to be in class, it is a joy!  This morning English class scheduled for one hour,  lasted two + hours.. and people were standing outside the windows of the classroom, listening in! I had to tell the students to go , they kept wanting more information, more practice and asked precisions about expressions they had learned but were not sure about. It was wonderful….
And then…. This afternoon, same thing but in advanced French.. what a delight!
Less delightful.. next to the unbelievable poverty and filth in the streets of Pap ( there is no organized trash collection, so it just piles up everywhere) I saw pictures of a place called the Indigo hotel, private beach resort with luxuries usually associated with oil producing nations, where the mayor of PaP flies by helicopter to have lunch!!!!!! Do you know the cost of a helicopter ride? Well…I guess he does avoid the nightmarish traffic jams that way!   At the door of the convent, people bang the gates, and ask for a glass of water or a mango from the trees they can see towering in the yard…….

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